Kingdom Feats

Kingdom Feats

Your rule is less a product of your cult of personality, but rather marked by your just and wise counsel.
Prerequisites: Must be a Ruler of a kingdom, Wis 13+
Benefits: You use your Wisdom bonus instead of your Charisma bonus to determine your leadership modifier. You also grant your kingdom a +2 bonus to Stability: your rulership is based on logic and common sense rather than force of personality.

You have the ruler’s ear in most things, and as councilor can ensure that the will of the people is heard above all others.
Prerequisites: Must be the Councilor of a kingdom, 5 or more ranks in Diplomacy or Knowledge (local)
Benefits: Your bonus to your kingdom’s Loyalty increases by +2. Additionally, choose either Stability or Economy. So long as you remain Councilor for your kingdom, you can add your Wisdom or your Charisma modifier (the same choice you made for Loyalty) to that score.

Your ability to lead men into battles is not a product of your fame or strength, but rather your masterful knowledge of the art of war.
Prerequisites: Must be the General of a kingdom, Int 13+
Benefits: You add your Intelligence bonus to your kingdom’s Stability modifier.

Your people need no other General – and your Army needs no other King.
Prerequisites: Must be a Ruler of a kingdom.
Benefits: So long as you are Ruler, your kingdom suffers no penalty for lacking a General. You are considered a General for purposes of feats and class abilities. Your kingdom loses the benefits of this feat if you assign a General.
Normal: An individual can serve only a single role. Not having a general decreases your kingdom’s Stability by 4 points.

ou are a notorious ambassador, famed for your diplomatic ability to negotiate difficult matters.
Prerequisites: Must be the Grand Diplomat of a kingdom, 5 or more ranks in Bluff and Diplomacy.
Benefits: For every 5 ranks you have in Diplomacy, your kingdom’s Stability score increases by +1. For every 5 ranks you have in Bluff, your kingdom’s Economy score increases by +1.

Your kingdom needs no mortal ruler, for the gods themselves have blessed the faithful with leading your people.
Prerequisites: High Priest of a kingdom without a Ruler, Wis 13+, Cha 13+
Benefits: You can act as both Ruler and High Priest of a kingdom, granting the benefits of both offices accordingly. Your kingdom suffers no penalties for lacking a Ruler, so long as you are High Priest. You gain alignment bonuses to your kingdom according to your patron deity as well as your kingdom’s alignment.
Normal: A kingdom without a ruler cannot claim new hexes, build improvements, or purchase city districts, as well as gaining Unrest every turn.

Your ruler has this office by divine right – mostly on your say so.
Prerequisites: High Priest of a kingdom, Ruler and High Priest must have the same patron deity.
Benefits: If the Ruler of your kingdom is within the allowed alignments for your patron deity, your kingdom gains alignment benefits as your patron deity’s as well as (stacking with) your kingdom’s alignment. You may choose to deny the kingdom this benefit at the beginning of every turn, at your say-so.
Special: If you and the kingdom’s Ruler do not have the same patron deity, you do not lose this feat, but your kingdom cannot gain the benefits of the feat.

You (or a close associate) are the headmaster of the kingdom’s very own School of Magic, increasing your kingdom’s magical resources.
Prerequisites: Magister of a kingdom, access to an Academy or Caster’s Tower building
Benefits: One Academy or Caster’s Tower of your choice grants an additional magic item slot for 1 major magic item. Additionally, you can build a number of academies equal to your Intelligence modifier at half cost. These academies need not be built immediately, and if your Intelligence modifier increases, the number of academies you can build at half cost also increases.

Your ties to the natural world allow you to better perform your job as Marshal.
Prerequisites: Marshal of a kingdom, Druid or Ranger with an Animal Companion, ability to cast charm animal or charm monster.
Benefits: You grant your kingdom a +2 bonus to its Economy and Stability scores.

As Royal Assassin, you head an entire organization dedicated to eradicating crime and radical elements. This organization is so feared, its name alone inspires dread in the hearts and minds of the citizenry.
Prerequisites: Royal Assassin of a kingdom, Leadership feat.
Benefits: You add your Charisma bonus (if positive) to your leadership bonus to Loyalty. Additionally, your kingdom’s Unrest is reduced by 2 during each Upkeep phase.
Normal: Your kingdom’s Unrest is reduced by 1 during each Upkeep phase.

You’ve cultivated a network of eyes and ears which you use to your kingdom’s advantage.
Prerequisites: Spymaster of a kingdom, Leadership feat
Benefits: You gain a +3 bonus to whichever kingdom statistic you decide to modify on any given turn. Additionally, whenever your kingdom rolls an Assassination special event, you – or a handful of guards, at your choice – are able to be present.

Spending your days in taverns and markets, you pick up a lot of stray rumors, which you’re trained to sort and sift through to find morsels of useful truth.
Prerequisites: Spymaster of a kingdom, Diplomacy 5 or more ranks
Benefits: You can choose two of your kingdom’s statistics to modify with your leadership modifier. You can still choose to change which values to modify during your kingdom’s Improvement phase (you may change only one per phase.)

You have a gift for procuring, producing, and maintaining gold in your kingdom’s coffers.
Prerequisites: Treasurer of a kingdom, Profession (Accountant) 5 or more ranks.
Benefits: Your kingdom’s Consumption is treated as if it were lower equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier (your choice). This still cannot lower your Consumption below 0.
Special: Should you no longer serve as the kingdom’s Treasurer, the consumption of the kingdom rises to its normal levels.

You’ve organized your cities’ watchmen and guardsmen into professional organizations, with regular training and personnel supervision – and a fancy name, too.
Prerequisites: Warden of a kingdom, Leadership feat, access to a Garrison.
Benefits: You add +2 to your kingdom’s Economy. Additionally, all Garrisons and Watchtowers – either presently built or in the future – reduce unrest by an additional point

As high priest of a warrior faith, you guard your people’s spiritual growth as well as protecting their physical wellbeing from assault.
Prerequisites: High Priest of a kingdom, patron deity must have the War domain or the war, battle, soldier, or warrior portfolios
Benefits: Your kingdom suffers no penalties for lacking a General so long as you remain High Priest. You may also choose to apply your Strength modifier, in place of your Wisdom or Charisma modifier, to your kingdom’s Stability score.
Normal: A kingdom without a general suffers a penalty to stability. A High Priest can only add his Wisdom or his Charisma modifier to his kingdom’s Stability.

Your faith is adept at rooting out the radical elements of society and exposing their dirty deeds to the world, making your kingdom that much safer.
Prerequisites: High Priest of a kingdom, patron deity must have an appropriate portfolio (DM’s prerogative).
Benefits: So long as you remain High Priest, you reduce your kingdom’s Unrest by 1 during each Upkeep phase. This benefit does not stack with the Royal Assassin’s reduction of Unrest.

Kingdom Feats

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